The Club was established in 1915 as the City Lawn Bowling Club on 25th near Granville. As the property was leased from the Canadian Pacific Railroad, the name changed in 1917 to the Terminal City Lawn Bowling Club (as in end of the rail line city).


The club moved to our present location in 1922 when the clubhouse was built. In 1992 the club changed its name to Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club.

Our outdoor season is from the beginning of May to the end of September. The indoor short mat season begins in October and runs to the end of April.

We hold a number of social events and competitions for our members throughout the year. Click through the Calendar for details.

Guests are welcome - there is a fee of $10 and a maximum of 5 visits. Guests must be accompanied by a club member who will collect the fee and sign the Visitors Book. For bowlers from out of town – U.K., Hong Kong, Australia, etc. who would like to roll a few bowls, there will be no charge.

You are entitled to bowl whenever the greens are available. Please check the Greens-keeper’s board in the clubhouse to find out which green to use and in which direction. Always check the calendar to avoid any conflict with any events, tournaments, etc.

Our Club is administered by an Executive and Board of Directors.
The current Executive is:

  • President             Alistair Black     President@gplbc.com  

  • Past President     Pat Tolhurst        

  • Vice President     Sharon Cowie     

  • Secretary             Susan Guthrie    Secretary@gplbc.com

  • Treasurer             Steven Hsieh        Treasurer@gplbc.com

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