Please note that once the coring and sanding of greens commences on October 6th, we shall be unable to bowl outside. Until then, you can continue to bowl outside as weather permits. If weather does not permit us to bowl outside, we shall commence short mat bowling on Friday October 1st @ 10.00am.

As previously advised, we shall have 4 regular short mat sessions:

Tuesday afternoon @ 1.30pm

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings @10.00am

There will be no short mat bowling on Wednesday October 6th due to coring and sanding of greens.

Members who wish to bowl in these sessions, should reserve through our website. Otherwise, Members may play short mat at other times without reservation. Members should at all times, adhere to the protocols posted on our web site.

Alistair Black


September 29, 2021


The coring of our greens will now occur in the afternoon NOT morning of Wednesday October 6th. Your assistance is now required at 2pm NOT 10am. Please advise Alistair at blacka@telus.net of your availability, your help will be much appreciated.

Alistair Black


September 29, 2021

The schedule for Fall coring and sanding of greens will be to core the greens on Wednesday October 6th. and sand the greens on the 7th or 8th. The weather is forecast to be sunny. As usual, the removal of the cores from the greens is labour intensive and we need volunteers to shovel and remove the cores from the greens. We are proposing to start around 10am. Please advise your availability by email to Blacka@telus.net. Your help will be much appreciated, many hands make light work!
                       Alistair Black
                       September 27, 2021

With the weather now becoming quite variable, outdoor bowling can continue when weather permits but
On days when the greens must be closed because of rain, a notice will be posted here.

Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club is located in a Heritage Building at 3025 Fir Street between 14th and 15th Avenues in Vancouver’s South Granville area.

The Club provides a mixture of competitive and recreational bowling in a midtown setting. We are recognized for the quality of our two natural grass greens and we host many regional and provincial competitions.

In the winter, we have indoor short mat bowling in our Clubhouse.


We welcome new members, both experienced and novice, where they can enjoy bowling in a friendly social or competitive environment. Lawn bowling is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and our membership reflects that diversity.


We provide coaching for novice bowlers to enable them to fully participate and enjoy the sport.

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Our greens are available for rent by groups and we welcome all inquiries.

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