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On this page you can read about the different types of competition held on our greens:

There is also a note on the various weekly leagues hosted by ourselves or other clubs.​



Club Weekly Events

We have three weekly draw sessions for members, each lasting about two hours.

SUNDAY:  10.00 am  

WEDNESDAY:  10.00 am

FRIDAY "WORKERS' LEAGUE":  Draw at 10.00 am, but we ask players to arrive between 9 and 9.30 so as to do some routine maintenance work before the game. 


Members are always welcome to make up a group for a game, or use the green for practice.  Please check clubhouse notice board or calendar for availability.  

Club Holiday Events

Held on the Monday holidays for Victoria Day, Canada Day and BC Day

May 20th   FUN & SKILLS 

     July 1st     BERGEY TRIPLES

 August 5th      "QUADDIE" DAY

These are relaxed and light-hearted events for club members and invited guest players.  As you can see from the unique trophy for the Fun & Skills event, we don't take things (or ourselves) too seriously on the day.  Though everyone still wants to win it...

The Fun & Skills are normally based on four different formats, with teams made up to ensure a range of  experience.  The skills might involve bowling to a fixed roundel target; or scoring points for being able to roll your bowls to within two meters of the ditch; or even a game where the jack is thrown last, not first.  These involve real skills - but they are definitely fun. 

The Canada Day event is a standard mixed triples, but there is an element of fancy dress, with everyone asked to wear some item of red clothing - so a bit of fancy dress to go with the fancy shots.  Meanwhile, Quaddie Day is based on teams of four, with three games to be played in the day.  First a straight four-a-side game; then each team breaks into two pairs, who each play another team; and finally one player in the team plays a singles game while the other three play a triples.  Three games, three formats - it's quite a day...

Inter-club Leagues

Our club participates in various inter-club Leagues. The format for all these leagues is three-bowl triples. They all start in May or June and can continue to August.  Each league has an entry fee and prizes are awarded on the final day. All teams have to consist of members of one club. 


This is an opportunity to compete in serious (but friendly) competition, and to meet bowlers from other Clubs.  It's a great learning opportunity.  As these leagues continue for a number of weeks, there will be occasions when a player is unavailable and a substitute or spare player is needed. Any member interested in playing in any of these leagues should contact Peter Cheong 









Granville Park

West Point Grey

West Point Grey 

Pennant (Women)

Pennant (Men)

Elm Park (Mixed) 

Wednesday (Mixed)

Ed Angel (Men's)

Westside Ladies

Mon Eve

Mon Eve

Tue a.m.

Wed Eve

Thur a.m

Fri a.m

The Wednesday Evening league has been really popular ever since its first edition in 2022. 

Inter-club Events
Pick and click!

One-day Events

League Format

Please note: these tournament pages are not finalised for 2024; details, and links, still need to be confirmed.

Vancouver & District Tournaments

Men's Pairs: 1-2 June

President's Cup: 12 June

BC Week (Men): 15-19 July

For full details of these events please see the V&D Handbook

Please bring your own lunch for tournaments other than the President's Cup.
We will provide free coffee, tea and snacks

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