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Thursday June 27, 2023  -  9:00 a.m.   Open Event


Please bring your own lunch. We will provide free coffee, tea and snacks


The Nancy Malloy’s Women’s Triples was instituted in 1998 and is held every year in early July in honour of the  nurse and former Granville Park member, Nancy Malloy, who was killed while on a Red Cross mission in Chechnya in 1996. If you would like to learn more about Nancy, you can click on the following link:

The event is “Open” i.e. players can be from different clubs.  The entry fee is $20 per player. Payment can be made by cheque (mail with your entry form). Cheques must be payable in full to GRANVILLE PARK LAWN BOWLING CLUB. Abbreviations (e.g. LBC) are not accepted by our bank.

Please complete the Entry Form and send it to this year’s convener:

    Barbara Hsieh

    By email to
    By telephone: (604) 723-2868

Rules of Play

  • Registration is by email or telephone to the convener. Payment and the entry form are to be received by the convener within 2 weeks of requesting registration.

  • Starting Time (trial ends) is at 9:00 a.m.

    • The entry fee will not be refunded if a team withdraws within 7 days of the tournament date.

    • There will be no refund if a team does not show up on the day.

    • If cancellation is due to bad weather or cancelled for other reasons before the game starts, the fee will be refunded.

    • If one game has been played and then the tournament has to be cancelled, all prize money will be donated to a charity.

    • If two or more games have been played the prize money will be distributed according to the scores obtained at the time of cancellation

PLEASE NOTE: By entering, this team and any substitutes agree to allow the GPLBC.COM to use their image or likeness to report the event and to promote the club and the Sport of Bowls in both print and electronic media.

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