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Membership or Group Rentals: Payment may be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer (Interac).

Tournament entries must be paid by cheque or e-transfer.

Please check these notes to ensure that payment is made smoothly.


Cash payments should always be accompanied by a note of some kind to specify what the payment is for.   We really don't want your money to go astray!


Cheques must be made out to Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club.  This full form is necessary, as our bank doesn't accept any form of abbreviation (LBC, etc).   If you are mailing an entry form (membership or tournament) a cheque is the best option.  If you are sending a cheque as part of an online entry or application, please enclose a simple note to make clear what the payment is for.


If you have paid us before we'll be on your list of payees. If this is your first e-payment to Granville Park you'll need to set us up as a new payee or contact - see illustrations). It doesn't matter what name you give us, as this is just a reference for yourself.  The vital thing is the email:

Your bank page may look different from these illustrations, but the basic system will always be the same.  Note that we are set up for automatic deposit, so there is no need for security questions.

The TD example here asks for just one piece of contact information.  If your bank needs more (a phone number) just use the club number: 604 731 8422.

Create contact.png

For membership fees, please add in the Notes section the member's name, and  the category of fee(s).  This is especially important if more than one item is involved, as in the example here.

For events it is absolutely essential that you specify your name and which event you are paying for.  You will be notified by the bank that payment has been made to the club, but entry will be accepted only when the convener knows. You will then receive separate confirmation, or be able to see a list of entries on the club website.

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