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YouTube re delivery

Watch this YouTube for tips on delivery

FEES (including GST @ 5%)

Full Playing Member:                             $252

First Year New Bowler:                           $147 

($40 up front; $100 after tuition)

Associate (2nd club) Member :              $160 

Junior Member: (under 18)                    $50 

Winter Short Mat Member:                    $52.50 

Social (non-playing) Member:               $40

Annual Rentals (Optional(

1. Bowls (Full member, 2nd year on):   $50 

2. Lockers         $10

One-time fees (Optional)

Set of club keys:                                    $15

Parking sticker:                                      $5

Returnable deposit for entry fob            $10


We welcome new members, whether experienced bowlers or new to the sport. There are three regular club sessions each week, open to all members; members can also use the greens at any time they are free, either for individual for practice or casual games. (There are some restrictions when we are hosting inter-club competitions or Vancouver & District tournaments.)  Some of our competitions are specially designed to include novice or intermediate bowlers, but whatever your level we make it easy for you to fit in. If you're new to the game have a look at our New Bowlers page for more details.

Use our Membership Form to apply. This is best done at or before Opening Day (28 April).  All personal information is covered by our privacy policy. 

Payment is due at the time you submit the form (new bowlers need not pay until the start of coaching). This can be by cash, e-transfer or cheque.  Before making payment in any of these forms, please check these notes.  Please also remember to include your $10 deposit if you wish to have an entry fob for the clubhouse 

Dress code: For Inter-club and special events, either club shirt or white shirt with proper pants, shorts or skirt. Casual wear is fine at all other times.  Flat-soled shoes must be worn on the green. 

Cell phones must be turned off or in silent mode when players are on the green.

The club relies on volunteer effort, and all members are asked to contribute some volunteer time to assist in the smooth running of the club.  Please indicate your willingness on the membership form.

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