Wednesdays June 15, 22, 29, July 6, 20, 27

7:30 P.M.           Open Event             Gender Neutral

Please mail or email your entry form and payment to:

Entry Fee:    $60 per team

Convenor:   Barbara Hsieh                          

By email to:

By mail: 1939 East 64th Avenue, Vancouver B.C. V5P 2M9

Please note - cheques must be payable in full to GRANVILLE PARK LAWN BOWLING CLUB. Abbreviations (e.g. LBC) are not accepted by our baank.



  1. This is an open gender triples league, members of the team can be from different clubs. The LEAD must be Novice (1st year bowler), SECOND must be bowlers from 2019 onwards.

  2. The format will be three bowls per player, 12 ends per game.

  3. All 6 games will be played at Granville Park LBC on Jun 15, 22, 29, Jul 6, 20, 27 @ 7:15pm.

  4. Make up games are not encouraged but if necessary they must be completed by Jul 26.

  5. Games will be played under modified Bowls Canada Rules. No ends will be declared ‘dead’. If the jack is moved to a position not within the rink (burnt), it is to be re-spotted on the ‘T’.

  6. Team uniforms or whites are encouraged.

  7. Maximum 2 spares (same requirements for the positions) per team on any game.

  8. Scoring: Tournament Points: Game Points: 3 points for Win Max. 10 points up 1 point for Tie 0 points for Loss There will be no official Umpire. If one is required, any qualified Umpire not involved in the game in question may be called upon. Any problem, dispute or disagreement not covered by the rule book will be resolved by a meeting of the teams’ representative.

  9. The fee shall be $60.00 per team.

PLEASE NOTE:By entering, this team and any substitutes agree to allow the GPLBC.COM to use their image or likeness to report the event and to promote the club and the Sport of Bowls in both print and electronic media.