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June 19 and 26, July 3,10 and 24

7:30 P.M.   Open Event   Gender Neutral

This triples league was specifically designed as a development league, allowing newer bowlers to get a taste for competitive bowls without being too competitive!  However, it is a formal competition, so we do ask entrants to wear  team uniforms or whites.  (See rules below.)  In keeping with the spirit of the event there is a modest amount of prize money, but it truly is the taking part that counts.

Payment of the entry fee ($60 per team) can be made by cheque or e-transfer.  For either method, please first check these notes on payment.    

Entry forms and any cheques should be sent to this year's convener, Peter Cheong (604 205 9288);



In general, the lead must be a novice (first year bowler); the second must be a bowler who started in 2022 or later; the skip should be an experienced bowler. However, if a club has no new bowlers this year, it may enter a team where the lead is a second-year bowler.  This must be specified in advance on the entry form or at the time of payment. 


maximum of two spares can appear in a team in any game.  Members of a team can be from different clubs.


The format is 14 ends of three-bowl triples.  The maximum winning margin is 10 shots.

PLEASE NOTE: By entering, players accept that GPLBC may use their image or likeness to report the event or to promote the club and the sport of Bowls, either in print or electronic media.

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